Weekly Challenges For Teaching With Technology

I have something to confess. The biggest impact on my teaching has not come from technology. I love technology but, when things get difficult, I don’t find comfort in the soft glowing light of my Chromebook screen. Nor is technology alone a source of inspiration.

The Need To Practice

The biggest and most positive impact on my teaching has come from other teachers. Either in person or online, my colleagues challenge me everyday to be a better teacher.Every teacher has ability to improve if they are focused and driven. I want to take that experience and share it with you. 

I am.happy to announce that Guildway is officially launching weekly blended learning challenge. These challenges are just for teachers to help build their skills.

The Challenges

These challenges will help all of us stay current with technology and to further develop our skills.

 Here is how the challenges will work:

  1. Each Monday, a new challenge will be issued in a blog post on Guildway.
  2. You have until Saturday of that week to complete the challenge.
  3. Once completed, you can post a comment in the Weekly Challenge post along with a link, image, video, or audio of your completed challenge.

What Will This Do For you?

  1. Build Evidence (for evaluation?): Teachers are often busy with teaching that they don’t take the time to showcase their work. This is a reminder to show off from time to time.
  2. Build Your Skills: Technology is always changing, these challenges will make sure you are current.
  3. Learn From Others: When enough of us post our examples, we are going to have a bank of resources we can use to make our teaching better.

Challenge Questions

  1. Is it free? yep!
  2. Do I have to commit to every week? Nope, you accept the challenges you want to complete.
  3. Can I showcase something I already made? Of course you can!
  4. When do they start? The first challenge will be arriving on Monday September 5th.

I look forward to developing my skills with you so be sure to check back on Monday to see the first challenge or follow me on Twitter (@MJ_Linane) for reminders.

Question: What question do you have about the challenges? Let me know in the comments below!

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