SEI: WIDA and Vocabulary Lessons

Overview The World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment Consortium (WIDA) provides the framework for much of the multiple choice section. WIDA ranks students by their level of English proficiency (WIDA level) and provides very specific descriptions of what each student should be able to read, write, listen for, and speak at each level (these are called

SEI: Factors That Influence Language Development

More Information “How Students Acquire Social And Academic Language “. 2016. Ascd.Org. Accessed May 16 2016. Source: “Second-Language Acquisition”. 2016.Wikipedia. Accessed May 16 2016.

SEI: Sizing Up Cummins’ 4 Quadrants

Overview Much like the BICS vs CALP, the 4 Quadrants Model is also going to be important for you getting into the mindset of the test designers and what they expect SEI teachers to know. This concept is simple like the BICS vs CALP to understand but will be tricky to use on the test.

SEI: Watch Out For Cummins’ Iceberg (BICS vs CALP)

Overview Much of teaching SEI students is understanding the world they live in.  To walk in their shoes to try and diagnose what best practices can help them. Many questions are going to deal with language development. To try and figure out where a student is with English language development. Of course there are tests.

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