The New Google Forms [Video]

Google Forms is an awesome tool to conduct quick polling, surveys, and formative quizzes. And it just changed.

So what is new in the new Google Forms? There is an awesome new interface, a sleek new design of the original forms creation menu, and a redesigned way to see the results of your forms. There is no doubt that the new Google Forms should make creating new forms much easier for those that have never used the service before.

There is one large downside though to the new redesign. The new Google Forms doesn’t have all the functionality of the older forms. Some of these features were very important depending on what you needed forms to do. Just the other day I was helping a fellow teacher with Google Forms. She wanted a way to quickly create quizzes using Google Forms for her math students. I was a little lost at first for two reasons. First, I use Schoology for my quizzes and assessments. And secondly, I am a history teacher who doesn’t know a thing about what it would take to create a math assessment. After some quick digging I found that g(Math) is a pretty good add-on to Google Forms. It can be used to create math questions for teacher and math equations for students to answer. It is not the easiest thing in the world to use but it would get the job done.

Back to the new Google Forms. I was testing out the add-on and was ready to present the idea to the fellow teacher when Google Forms updated. Literally, I was testing the tool on Tuesday and by Wednesday this week Google Forms changed. The trouble? The new Google Forms doesn’t currently support add-ons nor validations. This is going to spell trouble for many teachers who need Forms add-ons to do their daily teaching.

To see what I mean, check out the video. I run though the new Google Forms and give a tour of its newest features, or lack thereof.

Question: Do you use Google Forms for your everyday teaching? What do you think of the newest version of it?

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