Create A Class Leaderboard (Pre-made Sheet + App)



Course Description:

This courseĀ contains a class leaderboard that is hosted on Google Sheets, theĀ app that automates the entire thing, and a video tutorial to help you set it up from start to finish. Setup time is ~45 minutes, but once the Leaderboard and App is up and running you’ll be unstoppable!

For a full preview:

To see the Gamified Leaderboards in action:

Special thanks to Mike Matera (@mrmatera) for allowing me to build on his work.

What Am I Going To Get From This Course?

  • Features include Learner Tags, XP Leveling System, Total Points Grading, a Badge/Achievement System, Class Currency, and includes a convenient App to make dispersing, tracking, and trading currency a breeze!
  • Totally housed in Google Drive, the Leaderboard uses Google Sheets and the App uses Google Apps Scripts (600 lines of code).

Who Is This Course For?

  • For any grade, class, subject, or learning level, the Gamification Leaderboard Sheet and App will take your class to the next level and allow you to create amazing Gamified Leaderboards for individuals, Guilds, and classes.
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