SEI Practice Quiz (Open Response)


This test is meant to simulate the open response. Please answer each of the following questions and submit your response.

Once you complete the quiz, your answers will be reviewed and feedback is given if needed. We cannot provide an official grade but will mark your responses as completed/not completed.

When deciding what feedback to give you, we are giving feedback off our experience and the expectations given in the rubric provided by DESE.

How Will Your Response Be Graded?

Unfortunately, Pearson is very inconsistent when providing a grade for the written part of the test. We have taken the test multiple times and submitted the same response each time. Each time, the response has been graded differently. Pearson has 2 people grade a response so this helps to minimize differences in scoring but expect varying results with your open response.

The best we can do is to prepare you the best we can. By completing this lesson plan in this format, you will be preparing for the exam in the best way possible.

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