Outlining Your First Blog Post

Instructional Video [To Be Produced] Introduce viewers to the section outline to be completed for the first blog post. Subject [What Do I Want To Talk About?] Central Question: [What can I answer about this subject? What do I want to say about this subject?] Headline/Working Title Introduction Paragraph Main Points Call To Action [Question/Purchase/Comments]

Discussion: Analysis of a Blog Post

Click on the discussion below. Post 1 original post by Wednesday and then reply to 2 others by Sunday at 11:59 PM. Sign up for Feedly. (if you haven’t already) Choose a blog post. In a discussion post, answer the following questions about the blog post that you read. Summarize the post for your classmates.

Activity: Sign Up For Feedly

As a part of this week’s activities you will need to find a blog post. The easiest way to gather blog posts is through a service like Feedly. Sign up for the blog sharing website Feedly and for this week’s discussion post, you will need to find a blog post article to share. For a quick

Finding Your Blog’s Subject, Theme, and Brand

Instructions Answer the following questions on the Blog Planning Guide (https://docs.google.com/document/d/11Qz1tQKokhp2luuPunyKBejO0EUwFMxm162ZIs5P2Nk/edit?usp=sharing) Blog Planning Questions What Is Your Blog Subject? To identify your subject, complete the following questions: What am I passionate about? What in education gets me excited or frustrated? In what topic do I like learning about? What could I write about for a