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2.5 Factors That Influence Language Development

More Information “How Students Acquire Social And Academic Language “. 2016. Ascd.Org. Accessed May 16 2016. Source: “Second-Language Acquisition”. 2016.Wikipedia. Accessed May 16 2016.

1.1 SEI Requirements for Teachers

The Requirement “Starting on July 1, 2016, any core academic teacher who is assigned to provide sheltered English instruction to an ELL shall either hold an SEI Teacher Endorsement, or is required to earn such endorsement within one year from the date of the assignment.” Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education What is a …

1.1 SEI Requirements for Teachers Read More » Test

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Aside from connecting with the Guildway Team through contacting Support or the course teachers, you can also follow its other platforms for additional resources.


Not all courses on Guildway are free, most of them are paid courses. You will need to pay the corresponding amount to a certain course using a credit card.


Guildway focuses on helping teachers to get more things done not only in the form of offering educational courses but also through collaborating with other members. You can do this by personally contacting them.


Guildway offers courses to help teachers improve productivity and organization so they can meet their goals.


Profile is one of the tabs under the Dashboard where you can view and edit your profile such as changing your profile photo and cover image.

Navigating Guildway

Once you are logged-in on Guildway, you will be directed to the Home Page screen. On the left-hand side, you will see seven different blue icons. As you hover your cursor on each of them, it will reveal the page’s name: Dashboard, Activity Feed, Forums, Members, All Courses, Blog, and Support.

3.1 Open Response Overview

Overview The open response will consist of five sections. We will cover each section in more detail throughout the rest of the open-response lessons. To give you a preview here is what is expected in each of the sections. 5 Parts 1500 Words Total [counter on the page] Multiple Texts/Grade Levels To Select From WIDA …

3.1 Open Response Overview Read More »

1.2 Test Overview

Quick Facts Length: 4 hours maximum + 15 min additional for tutorial // non-disclosure agreement (NDA). The tutorial and NDA do not count towards your 4 hours. Questions: 60 multiple choice +1 open response Subarea Details Click on each circle to learn more about the subarea covered in the test.

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