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5.2 Register and Schedule Your Test

Here is a quick screencast covering the steps to register and schedule your test. Registration can be found at:

5.1 9 Helpful Test Taking Tips

Take advantage of the whiteboard! You will be provided with a whiteboard and marker at the beginning of the test. I would recommend immediately writing down the WIDA levels (and names) and jotting down any information that you think you may have trouble remembering. Beware of SPED. Beware of answers that recommend referring an ELL …

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4.1 Lesson Design: Group Work?

Overview A pretty common question we get is should/can my lesson plan include group work. We want you to be comfortable in Should Groups Be Used In Your Lesson Plan? The short answer: absolutely! Collaborative learning is an important strategy that is effective in helping ESL students develop proficiency. Now… the more interesting question is …

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3.2 Lesson Plan Template

Overview The open response consists of a number of different questions covering your construction of an SEI focused lesson plan. We mentioned the questions in an earlier lesson but we wanted to share with you a template you can use to more easily visualize and plan your open response question. On the test, you wouldn’t …

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2.8 Relevant Laws / Court Trials

For this lesson, we need to go over the relevant laws and court cases that have led to the SEI instruction requirement in Massachusetts. There are questions on the SEI MTEL test that are on these topics and therefore, you will need to know them and their result.

2.10 Vocabulary Flash Cards

One of the most useful things we did to prepare was to create flashcards from the relevant vocabulary. We scoured books and websites looking for any vocabulary that had to do with SEI or teaching ELL students. We then reduced the list to those we felt were most manageable and fit best into each of …

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2.7 WIDA and Vocabulary

Overview The World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment Consortium (WIDA) provides the framework for much of the multiple-choice section. WIDA ranks students by their level of English proficiency (WIDA level) and provides very specific descriptions of what each student should be able to read, write, listen for, and speak at each level (these are called the …

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