Guildway’s End of the Week Roundup of Top Twitter Posts

Good morning! This week marks the spring equinox, which means warmer weather and longer daylight hours! Are you starting to notice the blooming of flowers and the budding of leaves in your backyard, or are you still stuck in winter? Whichever it is, I hope you will enjoy the spring season this year.

For this week, I have rounded up the top posts on Twitter. This week’s list contains teaching and learning strategies such as using the word “yet” to remind students that deep learning takes time, making use of the teacher rubric of Orange Slice, backing up your files with Backup and Sync, building your own website without entering codes using Google Sites, and discovering effective professional development activities. Also, if you regularly use Google Docs and Slides, you should check out the recent updates in the link below.

Here are this week’s most popular posts:

Aside from our weekly top posts, our team from Guildway would like to acknowledge the influencers in education for generously sharing their knowledge and our followers for following along on our daily Twitter posts. Please check the following accounts if you have an extra time. You will surely learn a lot from these inspiring people.


Todd Whitaker (@ToddWhitaker)
“An antagonist isn’t someone who disagrees with your ideas. It is someone who disagrees with everyone’s ideas, all of the time.”

Robert J. Marzano‏ (@robertjmarzano)
“No single instructional strategy can guarantee student learning for a number of reasons. I wrote an article to counteract that growing incorrect belief:

Cyndi Burnett‏ (@Cyndiburnett)
Article Shared: The creative brain is wired differently

Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler)
“Good teachers can’t be replaced by tech. What tech does is allow teachers to spend more time focusing on their learners and building those relationships.”

Scott McLeod (@mcleod)
Article Shared: 12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech


Rayna Freedman (@rlfreedm)
Article Shared: Leaders Who Don’t Fear Failure Become Change Agents

LAllessio (@LAllessio)
Article Shared: The Chrome App and Extension Database

Kallee Iverson (@kalleeiverson)
Article Shared: Being an English-Language Learner Is Hard. Here Are 5 Ways Teachers Can Make It Easier

Laura Gardner (@LibrarianMsG)
Article Shared: You want to quit Facebook, but will you really click the button? These folks tried.

Mr. Terborg (@mrterborg)
“Give children an outlet: recess, library, art, music, makerspace, PE, theatre, or just a quiet moment to reflect.”

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