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End of the Week Roundup of Top Twitter Posts

As part of Guildway’s series, we have listed below our roundup of the most popular Twitter posts for the past week. Have you ever wanted to increase your productivity by putting minimal effort? The trick to achieving this goal is to combine technology tools. One example is to combine Schoology and Evernote. If you would like to know how this can be done, we have a screencast video as your guide. The blog post is included in this week’s list.

Do you want to know how to become a paperless teacher? We have provided steps on how to never teach with paper gain. This is possible by using technology as an ally. It is a great deal of work, but the results outweigh the struggles. You will no longer need to print any classroom material because your lessons are digitized.

Interactive videos increase student engagement and interaction. Showing plain videos in class might bore students especially if it’s a long one. However, there are tools to address this issue, such as Edpuzzle. It allows you to make your videos interactive by inserting images, texts, or questions.

Teaching as a profession can be tough at times. Our responsibilities could mount up without us noticing. We sometimes bring school work at home just to finish all of them. Aside from all of these, we have personal and family roles to fulfill. But with the right tools on our side, these tasks can be bearable and manageable. We have listed tools that will help you make teaching easier, better, and effective.

Please check out this week’s top Twitter posts below to discover other tools that will help you enhance your teaching and your students’ learning experience.

For the second half of this series, we are featuring five Twitter followers and five influencers in the field of education every week. We have selected one tweet for each profile to be highlighted in this post. So if you need suggestions on who to follow on Twitter, kindly check the profiles in the list below. Also, to thank our followers for their retweets and likes on our daily posts, we will acknowledge five of them this week.


Bill Ferriter‏ (@plugusin)
“We lose the confidence of our kids and communities when tech, instead of teaching and learning, stands at the center of our change efforts.”

Jon Corippo (@jcorippo)
Link to Twitter Post:
“Great #Eduprotocols post by the awesome @do2muchteachers – if you want a book study…. and great shoutout about how each #EduProtocol is adapted for littles. #k2cantoo #primarilygoogle #tlap #ditchbook #innovatorsmindset

Dr. John Robinson (@21stprincipal)
“Every organization ends up ‘somewhere’; the challenge for leaders is to increase the odds that ‘somewhere’ is a place their organizations will be pleased ‘to get to. – Eileen Shapiro”

Adam Bellow‏ (@adambellow)
Article Shared: Google’s latest do-it-yourself AI kits include everything you need

Jane Hart‏ (@C4LPT)
Article Shared: What skills does the 21 Century L&D professional need?


Therese Valente‏ (@TRValente30)
Article Shared: The Best Online Math Games for Students That Hate Math

Brandy Jones‏ (@Msbjonesclass)
Link to Twitter Post:
“Today the love and gratitude to @Alexander_AISD Teachers was truly felt. Lunch was so good! Our @RosyReyesfame @MariellaAlief10 volunteers take good care of us

Feltechnologies‏ (@feltechnologies)
“Download Spin The Bottle now:

Marianne F. Jackson‏ (@Artisti777)
“Need a Professional #Logo and #BusinessCards?
i will design the modern logo and Businesscards within 12 hours #FiverrGigs #designers #usa #freelancer #stationery #letterhead

Calli Wright‏ (@CalliWrights)
Article Shared: Is technology the future of education?

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