End of the Week Roundup of Top Twitter Posts

For this week’s roundup of our top Twitter posts, education technology tools such as Pear Deck, Schoology, Google Classroom, Google Forms, Evernote, and Edpuzzle, have been enlisted. If you would like to discover the tools to make an interactive presentation, we got you covered! Pear Deck is a great tool that can help you engage your students more in your lessons. Also, another tool that you could add to your collection is Edpuzzle. It allows you to create interactive videos by inserting images, texts, or questions, which boosts engagement and interaction with your students.

Teaching in a blended learning environment can be difficult to manage at times. We have made a video for you with a step-by-step guide on how to organize your blended course.

Word clouds help students unleash their creative side. It is an easy way for them to showcase their knowledge. We have enlisted some recommended word cloud makers for classrooms. You can check it out in the list below.

Most teachers spend a lot of time preparing their lessons. It is possible to increase your productivity with a little effort by effectively leveraging technology. One of the many possible ways it to combine tools such as Schoology and Evernote.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

The second part of this post is to feature five education influencers and another five of our followers. If you need recommendations on who are the people you should follow on Twitter to get more insights related to education, kindly check out the profiles listed below. Also, as a way of saying thank you to our followers for actively engaging with our daily posts on Twitter, we will acknowledge five of them every week. We have selected one tweet from the profiles of both influencers and followers to be featured in this post.


Tom Barrett‏ (@tombarrett)
“I have been doing more teaching at an undergraduate level this semester so this poem about missing sessions really made me smile. “Did I Miss Anything?” by Tom Wayman

Adnan Iftekhar‏ (@adnanedtech)
“Inspired to #takeaction and finally publish a #newblogpost – thank you to the #OVAcademy mentors and participants. Had a great time at the #edtechteam summit in Roseville that also got me inspired to take action!

David Truss‏ (@datruss)
“Still one of my favourite TED talks on education. Thank you @ramusallam (ps. Even if you don’t teach Science, you still need to watch this.)”

William Chamberlain‏ (@wmchamberlain)
“If you think that grades take the joy away from student learning, imagine the impact it makes on teachers when you constantly harp on how we are doing it wrong. #thinkbeforeyoupost #edchat

Ken Shelton‏ (@k_shelton)
Link to Twitter Post:
“Nothing like speaking on the grounds of a great school that integrated in 1976 in defiance of the Apartheid Government. The first in Johannesburg!! #therealfutureready #inclusion #diversity @_Cool_School


ORbeingOR‏ (@weareor_e)
“Great new PODCAST in the ORR: ‘The Principal’s Office; Episode 2; Spring Drama Production’ on#SoundCloud

Jarred Haas‏ (@jarredhaas)
“Five Ideas for an Administrator: 1) Treat Teacher Time as a Precious Commodity 2) Differentiate Your Leadership 3) Give Specific Feedback 4) Regularly Check In with Your EGO 5) FIGHT FOR US. Don’t just be an administrator; be a leader.”

Adam Schoenbart‏ (@MrSchoenbart)
Blog Shared: 3 Reminders For the End of the School Year

Dana Rovang‏ (@DanaRovang)
“My five year-old and I are playing #minecraft when he starts belting out “New York, New York, Just you wait!” reminding me we hadn’t loaded @HamiltonMusical. Which is apparently the soundtrack to minecraft on Sunday mornings.”

Ms.Furnas‏ (@MsFurnas)
Link to Twitter Post:
“Am loving the SS reflections on Chains by @halseanderson. This one even through in a @ThinkingMaps for personal connections.”

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