End of the Week Roundup of Top Twitter Posts

As part of our end of the week roundup of top Twitter posts, we have listed below Guildway blog posts that have made the cut. As an educator, we don’t have enough time to test the tools and apps available in the market. We search on Google the tools that work best for a specific task but going through the results will take time. If you are a Science or an English Teacher, we have special blog posts that enlist tools that you can use in the classroom that will make a big difference in your teaching strategies and students learning experience.

The Teacher Essential Toolkit made it in this week’s list again. It’s a technology toolkit that teachers could refer to if they needed a tool quickly. If you also want to backup your computer files directly to Google Drive, Backup and Sync is the solution for you. We have also covered Periscope this week. It is a live video broadcasting app that lets you broadcast live video worldwide and interact with the viewers through comments and floating hearts. If you are looking for the perfect learning management system (LMS), our best recommendation is NEO. Why? Please check the blog post linked below. Lastly, Google Classroom has added a feature that allows for parent notifications. You can now notify parents with email summaries of how students are performing in class.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

Aside from our weekly roundup, we also include five Twitter influencers in the field of education that we recommend you should follow. Following them means you can get quick access to latest updates related to education and helpful articles that will give you additional insights. Also, we also feature five Twitter followers for their active engagement in our daily posts. Please check out the profiles below and hit that blue “Follow” button. 🙂


Kevin Jarrett‏ (@kjarrett)
“Excited to have backed this project, can’t wait to start learning with this tool! CrowPi- Lead You Go from Zero to Hero With Raspberry Pi by Elecrow — Kickstarter  #MakerEd #RaspberryPi #Ineedtostopbuyingcoolmakerstuff

Gary Stager, Ph.D.‏ (@garystager)
Article Shared: Teachers Shouldn’t Have To Hoard Sick Days To Invent Maternity Leave

Kari Sherrodd‏ (@karisherrodd)
Article Shared: 5 Tips for Building a Maker Culture of Equity and Inclusion

Lisa Nielsen (@InnovativeEdu)
“Tests are over. Help students do work that matters: Free We Volunteer Now kit

Carl Hooker‏ (@mrhooker)
“The Marriage Between IT & Curriculum” my post follow-up from #TLTechLive @techlearning #edtech


Kimberly McCorkle‏ (@mccorklegeo)
Link to Twitter Post:
“Agreed! Click something-it won’t blow up the computer! Most everything is fixable!”

Amanda Lawrence‏ (@LibrarianMsL)
Article Shared: Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
“On Friday, @EHMSFairhaven hosted an all school #autism awareness assembly, & while my son is not autistic, he voluntarily went on stage & spoke openly about his #NVL. Hearing about his courage & self advocacy from families in our community has me beaming!”

Julie Sicks Panus‏ (@j6panus)
“I’ve been called “Mom” by my Ss.. and called “Mrs. [teachers name]” by my own children! LOVE IT ALL. Shows that they file both titles under “people who care about me” in their brains!

Shea Smith‏ (@TOSAnotes)
“I appreciate teachers who are willing to try new things and engage students in different ways, even when it’s uncomfortable with the process. “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” #tosachat

Jaimee Taborda‏ (@jaimeetaborda)
Link to Twitter Post:
“Even in an art class, this is a good reminder. We need to allow students to work through their own ideas, even if we think they are cliche, which can be hard to do!  #artofohs

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