End of the Week Roundup of Top Twitter Posts

Our end of the week roundup highlights our most liked an retweeted posts. For this week’s list, the topic about engaging the most disengaged students by making your class a game has been included. You can do it by simply adding game elements as discussed in the first blog post in the list below. Our Teacher Essential Toolkit has made the cut again this week. If you would like to discover the essential tool for a given task, such as lesson planning, just click the link below to sign-up.

Burnout is a serious problem faced by educators on a daily basis. Our responsibilities seem to mount constantly with no end in sight. School work is not the only task that eats a huge chunk of our time, there’s also family and personal time. But as with any problem, there is always a solution. We share five ways you can overcome this feeling of exhaustion.

If you are interested in putting up your own teacher blog, we share the benefits of creating one and how it will make you become a teacher. We have also discussed the difference between choosing a free or paid blogging platform offered by WordPress.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

Our end of the week roundup wouldn’t be complete without recognizing our followers and recommending education influencers. We have included one tweet for each profile that contains information that might be helpful. There are five influencers who we suggest you should follow on Twitter. And, another five followers who actively engage in our daily posts. Please check them out below.


Troy Hicks‏ (@hickstro)
Blog Post: Preparing to “Turn the Corner” at DMAC18

Sheryl NussbaumBeach‏ (@snbeach)
“Nice to see our book still being promoted. The content for the most part is evergreen. As relevant today as it was when we wrote it.”

Mark Wagner, Ph.D.‏ (@markwagner)
Article Shared: Chromebooks are ready for your next coding project

Liz Bleich Davis‏ (@lizbdavis)
“We need to also encourage boys to dance and write and paint. Not just girls to code. Who decided that coding was so much more important? #educon

Wesley Fryer (@wfryer)
“10 tips for Sketchnoting on an iPad
(a series of narrated #sketchnotes from #iplza16 made with @Procreate & iMovie for iOS) #create2learn”


Sarah Perkins‏ (@ELAperks)
“Great blog post capturing the spirit of the majority of teachers. 7 Things Most People Don’t Know About Teachers… via @ajjuliani

Jessica Lura‏ (@msjlura)
Article Shared: 20 Books for Young Readers To Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month & Year-Round

Erin‏ (@MrsErinFisher)
“Check out my AWESOME kids and how we use tech!!!! (video made by me) Chromebooks 2016  via @YouTube

Cheryl Tice (@cheryltice)
#Blogging is a great way to give #students an audience for their #writing! #edtech

Karen Winsper‏ (@kwinsper)
Article Shared: We Ask Teachers: How Has Edtech Made a Difference in Your Classroom?

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