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End of the Week Roundup of Top Twitter Posts

Good morning! For this end of the week roundup of top Twitter posts, tools and websites such as Google Keep, Google Classroom, and WordPress have made the cut. If you would like to know the essential tool for a given task, such as time management, lesson planning, and conducting formative assessment, we have a solution for you! We are also offering the Teacher Essential Toolkit with a list of technology tools, apps, and websites teachers can use to improve productivity and efficiency. You may click the link below to sign up.

Many educators have put up their own blogs, and you might think whether you should build one for yourself. The quickest answer is ‘yes’! To know the why part, please check out one of the links below where we share 11 reasons why blogging will make you a better teacher.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

Also, we have this week’s five recommended education Influencers that you should follow on Twitter. Take a look at their profiles linked below, and hit that “Follow” button to get updates as they share their expertise and knowledge. In addition, we would like to acknowledge five of our Twitter followers for their engagement and interaction on our daily Twitter posts.


Penny Kittle‏ (@pennykittle)
“Morning writing revelation: the voice in my notebook is quieter, kinder. The voice on my computer is impatient, efficient, incomplete. I am a better first draft writer when I let my ideas slowly unravel on the blank page.”

Sue Waters‏ (@suewaters)
Blog Post: Raising Awareness of Motor Neurone Disease (MND / ALS)

Silvia Tolisano‏ (@langwitches)
“Check out the companion website for “A Guide to Documenting Learning” with a bonus chapter, a blogging challenge and discussion questions!   #documenting4learning

Ginger Lewman‏ (@GingerLewman)
Blog Post: 8 Ways to Turn a Lazy Learner Into a Learning Addict

Dan Callahan‏ (@dancallahan)
“When somebody says that the schools are good, ask “Good at what?” @Edu_Historian #MAedu


Lindsay Tallman‏ (@TallmanORR)
Link to Twitter Post:
“Suns out, guns out.

Spiral Education‏ (@spiralEDU)
“I challenged myself to read all the tweets that came from Alaskan Educators for a year…
My heart is full of joy and hope from all the incredible things that they shared!
#tlap #leadlap #culturize #akedchat

Will Deyamport, III, Ed.D.‏ (@iamDrWill)
Link to Twitter Post:
“Did you miss “Learner Centered Innovation” featuring @KatieMartinEdu? Listen now on #SoundCloud or #iTunes

Susan Wheeler‏ (@susiedubs)
Article Shared: Where do kids learn to undervalue women? From their parents.

Lisa Pagano‏ (@lisapags321)
Article Shared: Mindfulness Matters

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