End of the Week Roundup of Top Twitter Posts

Good morning! As part of this Guildway series, we have made a roundup our top Twitter posts for this week. The tools that made it into this week’s list are Google Slides, Google Sites, Edpuzzle, and  Google Classroom. If you are interested in discovering the features of these tools to improve student engagement, organize classroom content, and manage your work life, just click on the link for each blog post below. We also have a weekly blended learning challenge for teachers to further develop their skills. If you would like to join, the second and third challenges are included in this week’s list. For the other challenges, please refer to our previous posts.

We all know that students like to play games. Why don’t we gamify our classroom by adding game elements? This doesn’t mean that students just play games, but the class is the game itself. Students will be taking the role of players. This is not only in the name of fun, but gamifying your classroom will make your students motivated and happy. In order to get an in-depth discussion about this topic, please refer to the blog post in the list below.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

Our end of the week roundup wouldn’t be complete without recognizing our followers for their active engagement on our daily Twitter posts. We would like to thank them by featuring five followers each week. And if you are looking for education influencers to follow on Twitter who share their unique expertise and knowledge, we have selected five profiles below.


Ira Socol‏ (@irasocol)
Article Shared: The 100 best nonfiction books of all time: the full list

Joyce Valenza‏ (@joycevalenza)
Article Shared: Reading Aloud to Young Children Has Benefits for Behavior and Attention

Scott Meech‏ (@smeech)
“AppleEDU: Bring lessons to life with Clips. Create teaching & learning videos that are unique, informative, & fun. Quickly capture videos and photos, get creative with animated titles, filters, graphics, and add music. Learn how to use #ClassroomClips

Julie Lindsay‏ (@julielindsay)
“Those of us using #Twitter in a professional capacity will find this article reaffirming in an academic and practical sense.… #ETL523 #INF530 #theglobaleducator

Kim Cofino‏ (@mscofino)
Blog Post: Become a (Better) Learning Coach


Justin LeBeau‏ (@jle_beau)
“Time to dust off this blog… #rstats #bostonmarathon2018

Maria Galanis (@mariagalanis)
Link to Twitter Post:
“My favorite reminder probably ever. #education #edchat #backtoschool #engage109

Matt Mena-Landry‏ (@frogmatter)
Link to Twitter post:
“Introducing #sonicpi to middle school students! #teentechweek @TSBLibrary #creativecoding #librariesmatter

Ms. Tinory Kiley‏ (@msskiley)
Article Shared: Does Spellcheck Make “Learners” More Intelligent?

urbie #edcamp‏ (@urbie)
Article Shared: The Value of Failing

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