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End of the Week Roundup of Top Tweets

Guildway’s end of the week roundup is a series that enlists the most popular tweets for the past week. These are posts that have gained a high engagement rate on Twitter through retweets and likes. For this week’s list, educational technology tools such as Schoology, Google Keep, Orange Slice, and Pear Deck have been included. Aside from these tools, there are also other Guildway blog posts that provide a list of recommended apps for Science teachers, and a toolkit that educators could refer to when they need to find the most essential tool to use for a given task.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

The second half of this series is to feature five education influencers and five of our followers. Instead of simply listing their Twitter usernames, we have also selected one tweet from each profile. So if you are looking for people to follow on Twitter in the education field, kindly check the featured influencers for this week in the list below. And to our dear followers, as our way of saying thank you for their engagement, we would like to acknowledge another five of them this week.


Amy Mascott‏ (@teachmama)
“Friend, it’s time to have our kids unplug. Yep. Right now. Right this very minute. Guess what? You’ll be fine and so will they. Read about it here:

Patrick Larkin‏ (@patrickmlarkin)
Article Shared: 82 Math in Real Life Lessons

Rich Kiker‏ (@rkiker)
“My #GoogleEDU board w/ all of the tools I try to put in the hands of educators.

Nancy Blair‏ (@blairteach)
Article Shared: Five Traits of a Good Educational Leader

Steven Weber‏ (@curriculumblog)
“Fayetteville Public Schools Math Task Force and Curriculum Design  via @coolcatteacher


Andrew Swan‏ (@flipping_A_tchr)
“Here it is: a compilation of many ideas from June 18’s #flipclass #flipclasschat session — 10 ways to quickly assess students’ #mastery…

Steve Brim‏ (@mr_brim)
Link to the Tweet:
“Love this book. Comic books, sensory issues. Nerds like me love this stuff!”

Katie Ann‏ (@KatieAnn_76)
Article Shared: 7 Ways to Calm a Young Brain in Trauma

Tami‏ (@tamibooey)
“My deeper learning truth is that relationship is the key. Teachers be brave and honest  always. #dl2018 #deeperlearning  #ShareYourStory

Kim Keith‏ (@capecodlibrary)
Link to the Tweet:
“Mentor text for non fiction text features, 1st grade. Now have hunt down the whole series!!  @mstewartscience

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