End of the Week Roundup of Top Tweets

As part of Guildway’s series called End of the Week Roundup of Top Tweets, we have enlisted below the most popular posts for the past week. These are posts that have gained a high engagement rate on Twitter through retweets and likes. Some of the education technology tools that made it into this week’s list are Google Calendar, Evernote, Schoology, and LastPass. If you are interested in discovering the features of these tools to start going paperless, to keep yourself organized, to manage your passwords, or to increase your productivity, just click on the link of the posts below. There are also other blog posts that you might be interested in, such as a list of recommended tools and websites for a specific task or ways to keep track of your schedule.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

The second half of this series is featuring five education influencers and five of our followers. Instead of simply listing their Twitter usernames, we have also selected one tweet from each profile. So if you are looking for people to follow on Twitter in the education field, kindly check the featured influencers for this week in the list below. And to our dear followers, as our way of saying thank you for their engagement, we would like to acknowledge another five of them this week.


Eric Curts‏ (@ericcurts)
Blog Post: 4 Fake Sites to Teach Students Website Evaluation

Lisa Johnson‏ (@TechChef4u)
Blog Post: 18+ Books Everyone Should Read in 2018

Jeff Veal (@heffrey)
“The best way to influence the culture of a school is to know the influencers of the school. Build your people and they will build your school. Authentic leadership must outlast the leader at the top. #LeadUpChat

John Spencer‏ (@spencerideas)
“This one might be my favorite sketchy video so far: We Need a Bigger Definition of Creativity  #createchat #makered

Lisa Dabbs‏ (@teachwithsoul)
“It’s so important to build relationships. New teachers especially need to feel valued. Feedback and Relationships help teachers to Thrive #ISTEladiesroadtrip #ntchat #edchat


Classcraft‏ (@classcraftgame)
“Teacher and Classcraft ambassador Michele Haiken explains how the positive elements of games can be leveraged in the classroom. #ClasscraftTip Watch the video here: /

A Teacher’s Teacher‏ (@ATeachersTeach)
“I’m using a twist of @classcraftgame in my own classroom by using custom-made #Classcraft Cards to enhance #gamification and further increase #StudentMotivation.  Check it out:

Chris Hitchcock (@CHitch94)
“MT @OCSSNetwork Teaching channel blog post outlines RLAH process w/ videos showcasing steps @SHEG_Stanford  #sschat

Pear Deck‏ (@PearDeck)
“We’re thrilled to announce that Google’s #BeInternetAwesome content is now available with @Google Slides powered by @PearDeck. Go to  to access the full set of free, interactive #digcit lessons!”

Lisa Lewis‏ (@Lisa_A_Lewis)
Article Shared: 50+ Ideas (One for Every State!) for Volunteering With Your Children and Teens

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