End of the Week Roundup of Top Tweets

In the following post, we roundup our most popular tweets for the past week as part of the weekly series of Guildway.

Education technology tools such as Schoology, Evernote, Slack, and Pear Deck, to name a few, are featured in this week’s list. In addition, there are also other Guildway blog posts that you might be interested such as the one question to keep your students more focused, how adding game elements can make students happier, and some recommended tools to help you increase your productivity. Check out the rest of the posts below.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

The second part of this series is we are featuring five education influencers and five of our followers. We have also selected one tweet from each profile. If you are looking for people in the education field who are worth following on Twitter, kindly check the featured influencers for this week in the list below. Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge another five of our followers this week for following along.


Glenn Robbins‏ (@Glennr1809)
Article Shared: People Who Wear Crazy Socks Are More Brilliant, Creative And Successful

Josh Stumpenhorst‏ (@stumpteacher)
“Don’t assume that folks who write books, start Twitter chats, share tons, and present are better educators than you. Beware of the fluff. :)”

David Carruthers‏ (@dcarruthersedu)
“Create Professional Looking Presentations with These Google Slides Add-ons…

Catlin Tucker‏ (@Catlin_Tucker)
“Don’t spend 90% of your energy/time giving feedback on finished product, put that 90% into giving students feedback as they work!”

Craig Kemp‏ (@mrkempnz)
“Be positive, not just for yourself but for your colleagues. Negative people take up 10% of my time and drain 80% of my energy! My daily aim is to spend more time with positive people & be a positive influencer on the negative – be a positive influencer in your school this week!”


Johanna Wilson‏ (@jwilson_HW)
“Check out the highlights of the War & Humanities project from the #makerspace icebreaker activity to the final projects themselves. What an experience – students and faculty collaborating from the production to the assessment! Take a look

Paul Smith‏ (@prsmith2009)
“Achieving equity in education doesn’t begin with accepting slightly better charter schools. It begins with funding.

Amy Jankins‏ (@acjanks)
“Great game that could be used after animal research in the classroom.  Control Alt Achieve: Play “Mystery Animal” with Google…

Robert Kalman‏ (@robert_kalman)
“60 Tools to Inspire Students with #Chromebooks via @GoogleForEdu. Amazing collection of web-based tools + native apps!…

Kim Palmer‏ (@KimPalmerART)
Link to the Tweet:
“Pool noodle robots on the loose in kindergarten tech class! #mashpee

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