End of the Week Roundup of Top Tweets

In the following post, we roundup our top tweets this week as part of Guildway’s weekly series. Guildway blog posts that are featured in this week’s list include our recommended tools to make teaching easier, better, and more effective; ways to add game elements to your course; and simple signs that you are burning out. If you are interested in other topics, please check out the rest of the blog posts below.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

The second part of this series is we are featuring five education influencers and five of our followers. We have also selected one tweet from each profile. If you are looking for people in the education field who are worth following on Twitter, kindly check the featured influencers this week in the list below. Furthermore, we are acknowledging another five of our followers for following us.


Jaime Casap‏ (@jcasap)
“Oh! I also have a strategy for high stake test taking that I have been pitching for 10 years! The best part is that it is a one step process!


How to tackle testing trauma in 4 effective ways… via @eschoolnews

José Luis Vilson‏ (@TheJLV)
“My first article for @voxdotcom:

The New York City school controversy shows why standardized testing is broken… #SHSAT #EduColor @NYCSchools

friEdTechnology Team‏ (@friEdTechnology)
“Strike up the Band! Insert Audio from Drive to Slides. Jazz up your Slides by adding sound clips to one slide or throughout the entire presentation. To view a full tutorial click here  #friedfan #GoogleEdu

Dan Ryder‏ (@WickedDecent)
“I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do w the students & staff w whom I work; to be recognized by @WGME @JeffWGME @NEAFoundation @HoraceMann is just . .  no words…

Russel Tarr‏ (@russeltarr)
Link to the Tweet:
“A nice starter image when studying interpretations of war! #historyteacher #histedchat


Eric Lopez‏ (@ricobaldes)
“How do I feel about PDs? #EdCampRI19 #EdCampRI”

Mark McNulty (@McNulty927)
Link to the Tweet:
“We are preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet…

Using technology that hasn’t been invented yet…

To solve problems we have haven’t encountered yet.

#diveinmpsd #SAMR #LetsGo

Richard Colosi‏ (@RichardColosi)
Blog Post: Scan Your Post-In Notes Into Your Phone

Lisa Bender‏ (@lisa_m_bender)
Article Shared: High Schools Fail at Teaching Personal Finance, Millennials Say

Mark Grundel‏ (@MGrundel)
“Great Article and thoughtful questions! Four Questions to Maximize Engagement… via @ajjuliani #edchat #engagement

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