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End of the Week Roundup of Top Tweets

In the following post, we roundup our top tweets this week as part of Guildway’s weekly series. Guildway blog posts that are featured in this week’s list include our recommended tools to easily connect with parents, steps to start going paperless, list of productivity books to help upgrade your teaching, and ways on how to gamify your class. If you are interested in other topics, please check out the rest of the blog posts below.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

The second part of this series is we are featuring five education influencers and five of our followers. We have also selected one tweet from each profile. If you are looking for people in the education field who are worth following on Twitter, kindly check the featured influencers this week in the list below. Furthermore, we are acknowledging another five of our followers for following us.


Dan Callahan‏ (@dancallahan)
“Teachers are disengaged? It must be because they’re unprofessional, obviously. This is just one more example of how people end up blaming the victims of bad systems instead of re-examining the core concepts of the system itself.”

Troy Hicks‏ (@hickstro)
“These are great suggestions. We would invite you to consider @getwrritable as a tool for self, peer, and teacher review. Take a few moments to watch this overview video, and share your thoughts on how it might work for you and your

Sheryl NussbaumBeach‏ (@snbeach)
“As we align curriculum with computational thinking in our K-12 schools we seriously need to be teaching the ethics aspect. Algorithms are opinion embedded in math. They are not objective fact. We embed our values into algorithms.… Found my newest interest”

Wesley Fryer, Ph.D. (@wfryer)
“new post: Adult Identity and the “I Can’t Use Technology Well” Introduction…

Kevin Jarrett‏ (@kjarrett)
“Interested in #designthinking in K-12? Have you seen @cooperhewitt‘s terrific collection of nearly 500 design-inspired lesson idea/summary/plans, sortable by subject, grade level, and keyword? No? Well, here you go:  #dtk12chat


Michael Mohammed‏ (@michael_tdsb)
Link to the Tweet:
“Yesterday’s #Sketchnote of the day focussed on #numeracy – Today, #literacy is front & centre – How can we really promote literacy behaviours w/in a JK/SK class?”

ElevateYourTeaching‏ (@Shelley_Emslie)
Link to the Tweet:
“LOVING @theClassroomQ @KyleNiemis

It has revolutionized the long line at my desk!!”

John Morton‏ (@JohnMordon)
Link to the Tweet:
“Fun kids’ #eduapp “Fractions. Smart Pirates” helps practicing a variety of #fractions skills:

  • recognizing and comparing fractions;
  • equivalent fractions;
  • adding fractions.

Its content is aligned with CCSS Mathematics Standards:”

Andre Thomas‏ (@athomas_tr)
“This is fantastic and the next step in the evolution of game-based learning. #gbl #edtech

How Digital Games Take the Stress Out of Formative Tests… via @educationweek

Ryan MacRaild‏ (@MrMacRaild)
“We advocate for all of our students and create environments where all students have the chance to learn.  If it seems extreme, it is because we are living in extreme times.”

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