End of the Week Roundup of Top Tweets

Guildway’s end of the week roundup is a series that enlists the most popular tweets for the past week. These are posts that have gained a high engagement rate on Twitter through retweets and likes. For this week’s list, educational technology tools such as Google Classroom, Evernote, Schoology, and Google Docs have been included. Aside from these tools, there are also other Guildway blog posts that discuss how to identify signs that you are burning out and simple ways on how to manage stress.

If you have heard of the term ‘paperless teacher’, we have another blog post that has made the cut in this week’s list that gives you tips on how to never teach with paper again. And if you are a teacher who wants to gamify your class, but you do not know how to get started, we got you covered! Kindly check out the blog posts below, and we hope that you will gain helpful information to enhance your teaching strategies and improve student learning experience.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

The second half of this series is featuring five education influencers and five of our followers. Instead of simply listing their Twitter usernames, we have also selected one tweet from each profile. So if you are looking for people to follow on Twitter in the education field, kindly check the featured influencers for this week in the list below. And to our dear followers, as our way of saying thank you for their engagement, we would like to acknowledge five of them this week.


Rafranz Davis‏ (@RafranzDavis)
“The worst thing that we can do to kids is lead them to believe that who they are in middle/high school somehow determines the people they will become. That is just untrue.”

Jennifer Carey‏ (@TheJenCarey)
Blog Post: 10 Things Every Teacher Should be able to do on Google Docs

Russel Tarr‏ (@russeltarr)
“NOW AVAILABLE My new book “A History Teaching Toolbox” #historyteacher #sschat #histedchat

Angela Watson‏ (@Angela_Watson)
“If your idea of a good time is doing a deep dive into various teachers’ assessment strategies, this episode of #truthforteachers is gonna rock your world. Listen as 5 teachers talk about what works & what doesn’t in their grading practices.  #teachertips

Franki Sibberson‏ (@frankisibberson)
Article Shared: Representing slavery in children’s literature


Dr. Frank Tiano‏ (@DrFrankTiano)
Article Shared: Varying Degrees: How America Perceives Higher Education in 2018

Kelly Hart‏ (@MrsHartSMS)
Article Shared: What’s Going On In Your Child’s Brain When You Read Them A Story?

Heather Brothers‏ (@MrsBrothersSPK)
Link to Twitter Post:
“Starting my Flipped Learning Certification Level 2 course @OCSB_LT @flippedlearning @jonbergmann

Tech Guru‏ (@AppleTechGuru10)
Link to Twitter Post:
“I took the teachers from @StAnthonySAINTS on a field trip to the #LosCerritos @Apple Store! I wanted to remind the teachers why (most) educators appreciate @AppleEDU and what it has to offer our students! A big thanks to Apple Los Cerritos! #learningneverstops #appleeduchat

Angela B‏arnett (@MrsBarnett_Tchr)
Don’t Forget to Lock Grids with a Password #FlipgridFever #Flipgrid”

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