End of the Week Roundup of Top Tweets

In the following post, we roundup our top tweets this week as part of Guildway’s weekly series. Guildway blog posts that are featured in this week’s list include our reasons why blogging will make you a better teacher, ways to add game elements in your course, tips to keep your students’ focused in your class, and tricks that can make Google Slides better. If you are interested in other topics, please check out the rest of the blog posts below.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

The second part of this series is we are featuring five education influencers and five of our followers. We have also selected one tweet from each profile. If you are looking for people in the education field who are worth following on Twitter, kindly check the featured influencers this week in the list below. Furthermore, we are acknowledging another five of our followers for following us.


Monica Burns, Ed.D. (@ClassTechTips)
“I am so excited about this PD opportunity for teachers!

Just posted on my YouTube channel, check out this overview of how you can EARN grad credit for reading one of my books (or blog posts!)

Shelley Burgess‏ (@burgess_shelley)
Link to the Tweet:
“A huge benefit of a collaborative conversation is that it conveys we are on equal ground and that we learn from each other. We are here to support each other as well as our students.”

Steve Dembo‏ (@teach42)
“I’ve often joked with audience members, asking them how many have too many free periods?  This article totally resonates. “Time Is an Essential Teacher Resource, So How Can Schools Be More Creative With It?”

Todd Finley‏ (@finleyt)
Link to the Tweet:
“Post-It Note Classroom Activities! How do you use them? Brain Blast”

Jeff Utecht‏ (@jutecht)
“As an educator do you have a clear mission? A great blog post to push all of us to find OUR mission statement: The Importance of Mission


BestColleges‏ (@BestCollegesCom)
“Teachers literally change brains. Recent #neuroscience findings are starting to explain exactly how it happens.

Katie McNamara‏ (@KatieJMcNamara)
“Teachers are more likely to take risks when they see leaders taking risks. The culture makes a difference.”

Noah Geisel‏ (@SenorG)

Make the positives so loud that the negatives are almost impossible to hear | #5Sigma19 keynote w @gcouros

Mitch Weisburgh‏ (@weisburghm)
“If passing a course, or getting an A, is the biggest challenge students face, how are we preparing them for a future that is ambiguous, uncertain, and filled with wicked problems that have no simple solutions? @sonnymagana @DonWettrick

elkanj‏ (@elkanj)
“Google Makes a Rare Education Technology Acquisition… #edtech via @EdSurge @masscue

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