End of the Week Roundup of Blog Posts Shared on Twitter

The weekdays are most often the busiest time of the week. They are mostly spent on school and work in the day and family or personal time at night. But truth be told, even after school hours, there is still more work to do involving our teaching life. It seems hard to find time to relax and to update ourselves with the latest trends and news related to education within those days.

So, I decided to start an end of week roundup of the most popular blog posts shared on my Twitter account. There are plenty of articles from different educational websites that are really informative and beneficial to our career, and as much as possible I don’t want you to miss these posts that are rich in information. You may learn new techniques and ideas to improve your student’s learning experience. If you didn’t get the chance to check them during the busy week at school, the following are this week’s top tweets that I want to share with you which consists of topics related to augmented reality, animation creation, Google Slides, and so much more:

  1. Five Ways Teachers Can Use—and Create—Augmented Reality Experiences
  2. Create Animations With ABCya Animate
  3. A Clever Way to Measure How Students Actually Use Edtech (and Whether It Works)
  4. Ready to Learn? The Key Is Listening With Intention
  5. 19 Big and Small Classroom Management Strategies
  6. How to Create an Interactive Diagram in Google Slides
  7. SEL & Classroom Safety: 3 Lessons From Sandy Hook Every Educator Should Know
  8. Training Today’s Learners To Be The Hired Guns Of Tomorrow
  9. Thinking Like a Coach
  10. Moving from Feedback to Feedforward

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