End of the Week Roundup of Top Twitter Posts

Tomorrow is going to be the Easter Sunday. How are you going to celebrate it this year? Are you going on an Easter egg hunting or dye and decorate eggs with your family? Whether you are doing it in your backyard or driving to a local event, I hope you will enjoy the festivities. Let not the fun and games distract us from what the day should be truly about.

For the first time since 1956, Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day fall on the same day. It won’t happen again until 2029. Are you planning to play pranks and jokes at your friends? Pretty sure it’s also going to be a day filled with silliness and hoaxes, so be a little more cautious to avoid being a victim.

This week’s lists are all from Guildway’s blog posts. It contains resources on increasing productivity and student engagement, creating a teacher blog, and gamifying your classroom. Also, you can find tools for the different areas of your science class – chemistry, biology, anatomy, and astrology.

Here are this week’s top Twitter Posts:

As mentioned in our previous post, the weekly roundup is not only about the most popular posts, it is also to acknowledge the influencers in the field of education and our followers. Kindly check out the following Twitter profiles and give them a follow:


Kathy Schrock (@kathyschrock)
“I have compiled a list of all the Merge Cube apps I could find out there and added direct links to their iOS App and Google Play store addresses. http://bitly.com/schrockar  (I saw the Merge Cube is available on Amazon in 2 and 3-packs. http://bit.ly/mergecubeinedu )”

Christopher Pappas (@cpappas)
Blog Post: 8 Innovative Ways To Use AR/VR Technologies In Online Training

Politics K-12 (@PoliticsK12)
Blog Post: Here’s How Changes to the U.S. Census Could Impact Education Funding

Kyle Pace (@kylepace)
“The key to progress or creating innovative, progressive change isn’t about what you already know. It’s about one’s drive to know more.”

Larry Ferlazzo (@Larryferlazzo)
Blog Post: Response: ‘Collaborative Learning Does Not Happen Magically’


KarenMMcGrath (@KarenMMcGrath)
Article Shared: We’re Teaching Grit the Wrong Way

David Gove‏ (@dsgove)
“Give Teachers more autonomy. Less pressure on standardized testing. Working with kids rather than numbers. Play not politics.”
Article Shared: ‘Too much control’: Pasi Sahlberg on what Finland can teach Australian schools

Jeannine Stanley‏ (@JStanleyRPS)
“Do something you really love that you would do anyway, do it in the most adventurous place, and if there’s a genuine need for it and through that need you can help other people, you’re home. —Diane Sawyer”

Nicholle starson‏ (@StarsonNstarson)
“I teach because I’m passionate about helping others learn and hope to provide a positive fun experience.”

Kathi Kersznowski‏ (@kerszi)
“Innovate, Emulate, Duplicate. Think hard about these 3 words – If you emulate or duplicate, ask permission & give credit.  This 2-minute read will help make you a better digital citizen (& likely keep you from losing the respect of your peers)”
Blog Post: Innovate, Emulate, Duplicate…A Digital Citizenship Discussion

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