End of the Week Roundup of Top Tweets

In the following post, we roundup our top tweets this week as part of Guildway’s weekly series. Guildway blog posts that are featured in this week’s list include our recommended Google Chrome apps for both English and Science teachers, how to use Google Sites to create your own website with no coding, ways to use Pear Deck for your classroom presentations, and our toolkit of apps and websites for teachers to enhance productivity and teaching techniques. If you are interested in other topics, please check out the rest of the blog posts below.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

The second part of this series is we are featuring five education influencers and five of our followers. We have also selected one tweet from each profile. If you are looking for people in the education field who are worth following on Twitter, kindly check the featured influencers this week in the list below. Furthermore, we are acknowledging another five of our followers for following us and for their engagement in our tweets.


Dennis Schug‏ (@schug_dennis)
“We focus on five core values, that begin and end with our leadership priorities:
1. Communication
2. Collaboration
3. Learning
4. Leadership
5. Relationships

Everything we do for our students and staff needs to center on these values.”

Chris Aviles‏ (@TechedUpTeacher)
“6 years in the making, The #Gamification Guide for #Education is live! DL for free at…

Kyle Hamstra‏ (@KyleHamstra)
“Dread making sub plans no more! How about trying #GridPlans? Don’t type it all out–Record video in an organized platform. No fluff days. Nothing lost in translation. Talk directly to your Ss.…

Heather Lister‏ (@heathermlister)
Link to the Tweet:
“Here’s the thing. This is from 1973. But please feel free to continue w/ those bubble tests and call the maker movement a trend. We’ll be over here changing the world.”

Emily MacLean‏ (@msemilymaclean)
Article Shared: The Basics Of Digital Citizenship: 27 Power Verbs to Guide Children Online


Heather Brothers‏ (@MrsBrothersSPK)
Link to the Tweet:
“Thank you Joe @EBTSOYP for sharing your Galapagos Island Adventure with us @StPeterOCSB for the start of our Ecology Unit! I Google Hangouts ”

Joe Mascia‏ (@MrMascia)
“Active learning and inquiry go hand-in-hand. When students are active participants in the process, they should be asking questions and digging deep. T’s job to foster an environment where all questions valued.”

Donna‏ (@donnaespindle)
“Nearpod has been a game changer for me.  100% participation. I have also been experimenting with Edulastic lately and really like that too.”

🄲🄷🅁🄸🅂🅃🄸🄽🄴 🄲🄰🅂🄰🄻🄸‏ (@CasaliScience)
Link to the Tweet:
“I just learned you can create Kahoot Playlists! I love this idea while we are studying old material for the midterms.”

Lianne Petrocelli‏ (@liannepetro)
Link to the Tweet:
“SAMR has been around for a long time but I still run into teachers who have never heard of it.  Instead of thinking of it as a progression I like @jaclynbstevens take on it in this graphic. Take the line away and swim laps.”

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