End of the Week Roundup of Most Popular Twitter Posts

Good morning! As our weekly practice, this post enlists our most popular posts on Twitter. For this week, we are featuring blog posts that focus on educational technology tools such as Edpuzzle, Classcraft, Evernote, Schoology, Respondus, just to name a few. If you are also interested to discover screen capture tools that work best for you, we have it on this week’s list too. Another topic that made it on the list is the latest additional feature on Google Forms wherein you can now batch grade assignments on a question-by-question basis. And if you are an English teacher, we have suggestions on some of the best Google Chrome add-ons that will certainly make a big difference in your classroom.

Here are this week’s top Twitter posts:

The second part of this post is where we will feature influencers and followers. Below are our carefully selected influencers for the week. Please check them out to get daily updates and resources on the topic of education. And, also, we would like to recognize our followers for keeping up with our daily posts. Thank you for following along! If you have a spare time, kindly check the following profiles:


Shannon Miller‏ (@shannonmmiller)
Article Shared: 6 tech and nontech tools to easily bring mindfulness into the classroom

Tom Vander Ark‏ (@tvanderark)
Blog Post: Save The Planet–Starting Today

Donalyn Miller‏ (@donalynbooks)
Article Shared: Elementary school teachers sometimes follow a class of students from year to year. New research suggests that’s a good idea.

Phil Shapiro‏ (@philshapiro)
Article Shared: 3 Things To Know About Scratch 3.0

Jerry Blumengarten‏ (@cybraryman1)
“Social Media is helping educators find better ways to facilitate the learning of students.  SM allows for the ability to connect, share and learn with amazing educators and those interested in education on a global level. My Social Media page https://cybraryman.com/socialmedia.html …


Pamela Craig‏ (@PCraig911)
Link To Post: https://twitter.com/PCraig911/status/978326887528390657
“5th Grade Ss @skyview_msd using a self paced @nearpod for an introduction to our next science unit! Engaging and informative for the Ss and awesome formative assessment data for me!”

Christina Scilingo‏ (@MissScilingoNMS)
Link To Post: https://twitter.com/MissScilingoNMS/status/974729436745687041
“This was so awesome! Thank you to Adam Brooks from the @DallasZoo! Our Skype session about African Elephants was incredibly informative – A huge thank you from 6 Purple’s Geographers!”

C.L. Engvall‏ (@cengvall)
Article Shared: Innovating at the Secondary Level: Playing the “What If…Game” to Innovate Inside and Outside of the Box

Megan Smith‏ (@msmith116)
Link To Post: https://twitter.com/msmith116/status/976634366209163264
“What’s better than teaching a Kindergarten class in #kcc library? Two Kindergarten classes @kccokeefe @KCCFinocchi learning together!”

John F. O’Sullivan‏ (@The_app_guide)
Link To Post: https://twitter.com/The_app_guide/status/950473611390996480
“The look on your face when you get two books in the mail that you wrote.”

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