1.1 SEI Requirements for Teachers

The Requirement

“Starting on July 1, 2016, any core academic teacher who is assigned to provide sheltered English instruction to an ELL shall either hold an SEI Teacher Endorsement, or is required to earn such endorsement within one year from the date of the assignment.”

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

What is a “Core Academic Teacher”?

“Teachers of students with moderate disabilities; teachers of students with severe disabilities; teachers in English, reading or language arts; mathematics, science; civics and government, economics, history, and geography; and early childhood and elementary teachers who teach such subjects. The classification applies to teachers in all MA public schools, including charter schools and collaboratives.”

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Does this mean I have to get certified?

Probably. It is best to consult with your building principal, central office, or DESE itself regarding your particular circumstances. I am just a classroom teacher and cannot offer you advice with absolute certainty regarding your career.

SEI and PDP Regulations By License Type

Download the PDF below to see DESE’s table summarizing the new SEI and PDP requirements, sorted by license type.

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