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Course Description

Every Massachusetts teacher of ELL students now needs to be endorsed in Sheltered English Instruction [SEI] to receive or reapply for a teaching license.

Passing the SEI MTEL is the fastest and easiest way of receiving this endorsement. This 100% online course is designed to prepare you to successfully pass the SEI MTEL and receive your endorsement.

Course Highlights

  • Unlimited access to all instructional lessons and content
  • Comprehensive, Targeted Lessons
  • Charts and examples of concepts
  • Continuous Updates: We are always working to improve our instructional materials
  • Personalized progress tracking and “Next Action” steps
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Downloadable PDF resource files
  • Pre-made Quizlet flashcards
  • 5-page lesson template
  • Sample Mentor Texts
  • Instructor Support

What Are The Requirements?

  • Computer/Mobile Phone
  • Internet Access
  • A deep desire to avoid the RETELL course

What am I going to get from this course?

  • You will be able to explain the laws that will be on the SEI MTEL
  • You will be able to explain the cultural contexts of ELL students and its impact on language development
  • You will be able to explain the stages of language development for ELL students
  • You will be able to identify WIDA levels for ELL students
  • You will be able to develop a vocabulary strategy for SEI
  • You will be able to develop reading strategies for SEI
  • You will be able to develop writing strategies for SEI
  • You will be able to use WIDA levels to develop an SEI lesson plan

Is this course for me?

Yep if you are a Massachusetts teacher who needs the SEI endorsement to obtain a license or to re-license.

Common Q/A

How is the course organized?

By test section (multiple choice then open response)

How many hours does it take to get through the material?

We recommend giving yourself about 3 weeks to prepare. This will include the time it takes to complete the course, design your lesson plan, review the material, and review the quizlet material as well.

 Can I use this course for PDPs?

Kind of…this course does not officially offer PDPs but educators in Massachusetts can use their own designed lesson plans as evidence of professional work. If you were to take the ideas discussed within the course and newly apply them to your course, with evidence, that might be one way to qualify for PDPs. Make sure you check out DESE’s guide to PDPS if you have any questions.

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  1. jolivetti

    I just found out I passed. I cannot thank you enough for putting this course together. The test was hard and I ran out of time during the open response but at least I was well-prepared. I NEVER would have passed trying to study on my own.

  2. Lorraine Magee

    Thanks to this course, I passed the MTEL with thorough in the open response categories and most/all in the multiple choice categories. I can’t thank the course creators enough. I highly recommend this to all educators who need their SEI endorsement!

  3. Maude

    This course was enough to help me pass the MTEL the first try! I didn’t use any supplemental resources. I liked how the course focused only on the information needed to pass the test, so I didn’t ever feel overloaded on information. The reason I am giving 4 stars is because I would have liked an example of a finished essay.

  4. Kristen

    This course was great! The presenters were engaging and always willing to answer all questions. I feel the course prepared me with the right materials to review for the test. Highly recommended.

  5. Christopher Chiba

    Many thanks for this course and our presenters! With so much information to cover for the SEI MTEL this course helps to streamline how to study and focus to best be successful for the test.

  6. Geoff White

    Totally worth the time – I now know exactly what to review and will go into this test knowing what to expect. The presentation was straightforward and the presenters didn’t drag things out needlessly (like so many education courses do). If you can’t pass the test after taking this class, you didn’t pay close enough attention.

  7. Lynn

    Excellent preparation workshop and online material. I was hesitant to make the drive due to the distance from my home, but extremely worth it!!

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