Challenge #3 Design A Online Formative Assessment

The next challenge is ready! I am sorry for the delay, I was working on a side-project, helping elementary schools design a standards based report card using PowerSchool. While fun, I much prefer chatting with you and sharing awesome lesson ideas. It is October and there is no doubt that we are …Read More

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Pick Your Next Learning Objective — Challenge #2

This week’s challenge is meant to help you focus your next lesson. Last week’s challenge was for you to choose your learning management system (LMS) for the year. If your LMS is your class’s online home base, the learning objectives are the missions. This week’s challenge is to help you focus …Read More

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How Learning Objectives Can Actually Make Your Class Fun

I remember blocking out a lot of the “edu-speak” as an undergraduate training to be a teacher. “Learning Objectives” was one phrase that I ignored. Now, 10 years later, I see how much learning objectives can actually unlock student potential and actually learning fun. Every single teacher can have a …Read More

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Show Us Your LMS — Challenge #1

This week, we kick off our series of weekly challenges to help blended teachers design better courses. Teaching students with online tools opens all kinds of doors for teachers. We can experiment and tinker with the latest and best education technology to help our students. There are so many tools that it …Read More

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Weekly Challenges For Teaching With Technology

I have something to confess. The biggest impact on my teaching has not come from technology. I love technology but, when things get difficult, I don’t find comfort in the soft glowing light of my Chromebook screen. Nor is technology alone a source of inspiration. The Need To Practice The biggest and …Read More

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