About Guildway

Since 2014, Guildway has been helping teachers to be productivity experts at work and to do it all stress-free. Teaching is stressful enough without all of the extra responsibilities that get added daily. This is not more things to do. We are talking about flipping your to-do list on its head. No longer will your tasks and emails control you, you will focus on your next actions based upon your needs and your values.

Besides Guildway, no one is 100% focused on making teaching easier, more efficient, and more productive and less stressful. There are many sites that talk about new technology or tools, but adding this or that to your teaching doesn't make you more organized.

If fact, by adding more commitments to your work can cause you more stress. More commitments means more stress, even if your new techniques help your students. if the things you are adding are meant to help your students. You will be left with more to try and manage.

Guildway started as a one-man blog. A single teacher, MJ Linane, started this site to help other teachers to get more done on their own terms.

No venture funding. No advertising. No sales team.

Just a goal of helping teachers to be more organized and more relaxed so they can focus on what they do best. Every product and service is created to be practical and based on real-world experience of teachers. It doesn't matter if you teach online, run a blended class, or as traditional as teachers go. This is not about pushing an agenda. It is about a single mission: Helping teachers to get things done so they can meet their goals, stress-free.