5 Ways Teachers Can Save Time With Google Calendar

Image Source: https://flic.kr/p/9bUbH3
Image Source: https://flic.kr/p/9bUbH3

Most of a teacher’s day is prescheduled with classes. But teachers do a lot more than simply teach. Teachers need to keep track of all of their meetings, extra help, and other time commitments. All of this can be hard to manage but teachers can save time with Google Calendar.

All of us can be better teachers when we can focus just on teaching. Not managing. There is so much for us to think about during the day. Keeping our schedules right should be the least of our concerns. Yet, there is nothing worse than when you think your day is done. Only to have a colleague walk by and ask “you coming to the meeting?” You think: meeting? what meeting? I don’t remember getting an email about a meeting!

The fact remains that you probably did get an email and that you glossed over it. You thought that you would add it to your calendar later. That later never happened and here it is on some random Tuesday and you thought your day was done.

Do you find yourself going out of your mind with too things to do and your daily schedule is unorganized? I would recommend you get organized and save time and headaches by consistently using a calendar. Everyone has a slightly different system of keeping track of meetings and appointments. Many still use paper calendars on desks and refrigerators. Apple users have Apple Calendar that runs surprisingly well!

Personally, I stay organized and save time with Google Calendar.

Google Calendar is a free online calendar, and it’s easy to use to keep track of life’s important events. If you don’t just use Google, it also syncs with Outlook and Apple Calendar.

Here Are 5 Ways Teachers Can Save Time With Google Calendar

1. Schedule Sharing

You can share your schedule. Schedule your day and class curriculum. Reveal your calendar with family, friends and colleagues so they know what is going on. Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts to save time and get around the calendar quickly. Add events and even schedule your agenda to be emailed to you every day.

2. Always Access

You can access your calendar when you are away from your desk. Use two-way syncing to add your schedule to your smartphone or tablet. This way you will always know what is going on, and you will never forget another event. Set your calendar to be notified by email or text message when you need to be reminded about something. Use Google Calendar to list your events by participants, location or type. You will be able to see in an instant what you have planned for the day. Like I said earlier, this also works with Apple Calendar and Outlook.

3. Lesson Planning

Use Google calendar for lesson planning. Events are easy to repeat. Once you have set a schedule for one week, you can put in each subject or meeting on repeat. This way you do not have to continually add curriculum to a day. It’s already there. Just fill in the details. You can also change your date range view. Customize the date and style of the calendar to fit your needs. I personally setup my calendar using Appointment slots and just add my classes at the beginning of the week. I also add in what lessons I am teaching; setting them as “All Day” events. This makes it easy to move things around in case of a change of schedule.

4. Different Calendars

Google Calendar allows for a user to make different calendars. Most start with the default calendar but then you can add more as you go. I have one for each class I am teaching. All are color coded and easy to see what I am teaching on which day. I don’t have to keep on reminding myself of the upcoming topics and that saves me time.

5. Personal and Professional

Keep calendar straight by adding a separate calendar for personal needs as well. As I mentioned earlier, you can share Google Calendars. So I have my school issued account and my personal calendar, both being displayed at once. I can easily schedule an event for either because both calendars are shared between accounts. My wife also has a Google Calendar account and we share our work calendars with each other. This makes the logistics of child care a little easier in our busy lives.

Anything you can do to make life a little easier is awesome. Google calendar will give structure and schedule to your classes, projects, meetings, and personal life. With Google Calendar and a Chrome app, you can have access to a read-only version of your calendar. This is awesome when you don’t have internet access and need to see your schedule in a hurry. You can also sync your calendar with a phone or tablet. Create or edit a calendar. Develop and add an event or share a calendar. Time is at a premium so take advantage of the tools out there.

Question: How are you using your calendar to keep yourself organized? Do you share it with colleagues? Your spouse? What is your secret? Let us know in the comments below.

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